Sheaves for Christ Application - Sheaves for Christ is a General Youth Division effort by which funds are raised to support many different ministries within the United Pentecostal Church International. The General Youth Division allocates Sheaves for Christ monies each year to North American Missionaries. Property grants are available, and can be used to remodel owned property, purchase property, purchase a building or build new construction. SFC property grants cannot be used to pay rent or a lease. Application will be open from June 1 to August 15. For more info, check out the Policy and FAQs.

Christmas for Christ Application - Christmas for Christ is a North American Missions effort by which funds are raised at Christmas-time in North American churches to sponsor missionaries and support various ministries in the United States and Canada. Church planters can use this application to apply for personal or property support financed by Christmas for Christ. Application will be open from September 1 to January 15. For application information, please read the Policy.

Church Planters - Emergency Assistance Application - The Ladies Ministries of the United Pentecostal Church International provides a generous allocation annually to assist with the emergency needs of church planters.

Enrolled Evangelist Application - North American Missions, via the Evangelists Ministry, proposes that a full-time evangelist within the UPCI be offered an official enrollment opportunity with the following benefits: access to the evangelist's web page for ministry visibility, special notation in the Evangelists listing in the UPCI Directory, access to the NAM Evangelist Coordinators in each District, reduced fees for exhibit space at General Conference, any special privileges given to Enrolled Evangelists at conferences partnering with NAM, and the opportunity to request assistance from the Enrolled Evangelist Emergency Assistance. All UPCI evangelists that recognize the value of this program and its benefits are invited to enroll.

Church in a Day Application - (There are currently no funds available for interest free loans. You are welcome apply for funding through The Church Loan Fund through the Stewardship Group instead.) Church-in-a-Day assists small churches with their church building needs. The Church-in-a-Day Program is building (and buying) in locations all over North America. Your young congregation may qualify!

SFC Emergency Funding Application - This application is for a one-time grant of $2,500 to assist with your project. You may apply at any time. The amount allocated will be counted against your total $25,000 available from SFC funds. This allocation is only available one time to each North American Missionary.

Evangelists - Emergency Assistance Application - The Ladies Ministries of the United Pentecostal Church International and the Partners in Evangelism program provides funds to assist with the emergency needs of enrolled evangelists. Priority consideration is given for medical emergencies, vehicle repairs, and bereavement related to the immediate family.

Metro Missions Application - Metro Ministries exists to focus the need on the great cities of North America. A Metro Missionary deputizes to raise financial support allowing him to minister full-time in an area exceeding one million people. This application can be used for the Metro Missionary, Metro Mother/Daughter Work, and Career Church Planter opportunities.

Friends Of American Missions Scholarship Application - North American Missions offers Friends of American scholarships.  Students desiring to attend a UPCI-endorsed Bible/Christian college or Graduate School may apply for a Friends of America Missions (FAM) scholarship, if they are under twenty-five years of age before the deadline (February 1) to apply.

North America Forward Application - Thank you for expressing an interest in planting yet another church. The fact that you are completing an application for NAF indicates that you have already successfully planted at least one church! North America has millions of lost souls, not only in our large cities, but in communities of anywhere from 5,000 to 750,000 people. There is a great need for proven laborers to “Thrust in the sickle.” We must reach one more city, one more culture, and one more soul ... before the season ends forever. Thank you for the church you have already planted! Because of you – souls will be in heaven who otherwise would likely have been lost.

Launch Funding Application - These funds are for the launching Apostolic churches, and are available only to graduates of LAUNCH training.

Free to New Works is a packet of materials available to all church planters.  Your church may request this packet once in your first 5 years. This packet includes thirteen weeks of Sunday School literature, Bible study materials, and more.