In July 2016, my wife and I were approved to start a NAM work in Harlem, GA. We started with me, my wife, and our four young children – and Promise Church was born.  We were blessed to have the full support of Pastor Mark Maddox and other local pastors in the district as well.   We were so overwhelmed with immediate donations of equipment. Service after service, people volunteered to help us with music and praise singing with their pastor’s permission.  Even with all of the physical support, it was still a big step of faith for us. 

We decided to rent a school auditorium while we searched for a more permanent place, thinking this would only take two or three months.  The rent for the auditorium was $270 per service, over $1,000 per month – a staggering amount for a fledgling congregation. We didn’t have this extra money personally, but the Lord always came through and supplied our need.  Each week, I would drive through the city of Harlem, and each time as I would drive away, the Lord would say to me, “I haven’t shown you the building yet.” 

In December, a minister friend and I stopped to look at an abandoned church right outside the city on a major highway. Upon inquiry, we found that the pastor was in very poor health, and the congregation had not been holding services there for some time.  We agreed on a lease.  With counsel from my Pastor, he encouraged me to ask if they would just donate the building to us.  He really built up my faith!   A couple of days later at our section conference, I was relating the events to another local pastor, John Ohmes, and he said to me, “We’re going to agree that you are going to get this building donated.”  He took my hand, and we began to pray and claim it by faith. 

We all know that faith without works is dead, so on January 25, 2017, my wife and I met with her parents and a few saints from our church.  I made up a wood stake and wrote on it, “Promise Church, Acts 2:38 and Ephesians 4:5.”  We anointed that stake with oil and prayed over it.  I drove it into the ground, as an act of faith and trust in the Lord.  Twenty days later on February 14th, Valentine’s Day, the property and building were ours.  Oh how He loves us!  We bought that property and existing building for one dollar!  To God be the glory!  

I would like to encourage each one of you to live in the Promises of God!  God has called you; He will provide for you!  Be encouraged; God has not forgotten you.  Keep teaching Bible Studies, keep praying, keep fasting, love God, love people, and go CLAIM YOUR PROMISE!

Pastor Jeremy and Ruth Mills

Promise Church

Harlem, GA