by Jill Fierge

God is a God of detail.  Nothing escapes His notice, and we can be comforted in knowing He cares.  He also has an uncanny way of building our faith.  Personally, I think He delights in using unique opportunities. My kids and I have been recipients of His wonderful provision in big and small ways.
                  It was 2011, and my children and I had just entered the biggest storm of our life.  Dark clouds hovered, our future looked bleak, and my finances bleaker.  I felt I was barely keeping my head above water financially.  All I knew to do was to be wise with my finances and pray for God’s help.  And pray I did!
                  One day while picking up some groceries, my 11-year-old daughter asked if I would buy some AA batteries for one of her toys.  I fought back tears as I told her, “I am sorry, Stormy, I can’t do that today.  I have just enough money for the groceries I need and no extra at all.  It won’t always be this way.  Things will get better, but I need you to be patient.  We can always pray though.”  Honestly, I was a bit frustrated with God, but I didn’t want to damage my child’s faith so I said the right words to her.
                  After putting the groceries away, I told my kids I was going to my room to pray for a while.  Falling across my bed, I voiced my frustrations with God. I wept and was gut-honest with God.  The good thing about God is He is okay with this.  He understands our frame of mind and is patient and loving. 

How had my life been reduced to not being able to afford a few simple batteries for my daughter?  She didn’t ask for much. For good measure, I even beat myself up a bit wondering if perhaps I could have squeezed the funds from elsewhere but hadn’t been wise enough with the meager funds I had?  A royal pity-party was had, but I was the only one attending.  Meanwhile in my daughter’s bedroom, she was praying a simple child-like faith prayer, “Jesus, can I have some batteries?”
        A few days later, arriving home from work I was delighted to see someone from our church had dropped by some groceries. As I unpacked the bags, I chatted with my children exclaiming over God’s goodness and praying blessings on our generous sister from church. Reaching into the bottom of the last bag, I pulled out a pack of AA batteries.  In our groceries, our benefactor had “randomly” placed a pack of batteries. My daughter got the biggest smile on her face and exclaimed in awe, “Mom, He heard me.  Jesus sent me some batteries.”

 I had not told one person about our need for batteries, and neither had she. But there was One who knew.  And that day He taught my daughter and me an incredible lesson.  She is now confident God hears every prayer she prays, no matter how small. I am now confident that when I allow God to do things His way, in His time-frame, the result is a much greater good.  His object lesson taught me more than I ever knew possible. Every time I look at a package of AA batteries, I am reminded of the incredible beauty of His faithfulness.